Creating and Capturing Value & Liquidity

We help/assist/support the process of creating and capturing value. And, merging with a complimentary Business that is also focused on consolidation benefits can produce a higher value and greater liquidity for the current/existing owners of both businesses. Think of receiving the value of the consolidation's reduced costs on your sales and the increased valuation multiple from the increased scale. Think of receiving the liquidity of the consolidation's new size.


Strategic owners want to create an ideal/perfect Business (with increased value and liquidity) by consolidating complementary Businesses. And, they are willing to change anything/everything (close offices, close plants, remove duplicative management, reduce staff...) in their pursuit of creating the ideal/perfect Business.

The positive results of significant consolidation benefits benefit the Clients/Customers as much as the consolidating Businesses. We can help you evaluate and execute the merger/consolidation. We listen across channels/stakeholders, learn what each individual/group needs/wants, and help.

If your goal is to: "Move the Business closer and closer to the ideal/perfect Business, then merge with the motivated Buyer at the optimum time." We can help.

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