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StrategiClarity helps create value:

StrategiClarity helps capture value:

That's the what we do (create and capture value & liquidity). How we do it is always the same: We: Start at the very beginning; we Ask important questions; and we Listen. Then working in an Agile / Adaptive / Iterative / Evolutionary way, we develop unique answers/solutions. And, unique answers/solutions have the highest Rate of Return On Invested Capital (ROIC), which helps create and capture value & liquidity.

About StrategiClarity

(Capital is much more than money)

StrategiClarity is a group of private equity investors, investment bankers, strategic/operational consultants & technology consultants. We find/arrange/provide: Strategic & Operational Consulting (strategic + operational + process + technology) and Investment Banking Advisory (liquidity/investment + strategic management) services. Our ability to verbally, graphically, textually and numerically communicate our understanding to Clients/Partners and to potential investors is second to none. These fundamental skills and experience make us value-oriented and knowledge-based.

Strategic & Operational Consulting: We have an established reputation for providing strategic & operational management expertise and financial advisory services to privately owned businesses and their owners. Constant global change produces challenges and opportunities, risks and rewards. We add value by distinguishing potential solutions, then following through with the courage to decide and act.

  • We process Strategic business situations — the opportunities as well as the challenges — redefining them and constantly questioning assumptions with aggressive thoroughness.
  • We encourage Operational follow-through from a clearly developed strategy, consensus, commitment and, ultimately, to action.

    Our assignments can extend to the Value Creation/Management Process (the Office of the Chairman), which can extend to the Reporting Process (the Office of the CEO and CFO), which can extend to the applications and systems software to improve productivity and the overall business.

  • Since most Strategic/Operational Decisions, both opportunities and challenges, including buying another Business or needing additional debt, quasi equity or equity, which we arrange (as Investment Bankers) or provide/arrange as Private Equity Investors.
  • Since optimized valuation always includes exiting — selling to either a strategic buyer or a financial buyer, merging or going public — as an alternative, exit strategies and execution are a major element of every Strategic/Operational Decision.

Investment Banking Advisory: We have an established reputation for finding/arranging/providing capital/liquidity and other financial services to privately owned businesses and their owners. We can help in many ways, including:

We: Start at the very beginning; we Ask important questions; and we Listen. Then working in an Agile / Adaptive / Iterative / Evolutionary way, we Develop unique answers/solutions..

Experience, sound judgment, strategic decisions...and the courage to make hour at a time.

How to Work with StrategiClarity

VeriQuest Private Capital has agreed to be StrategiClarity's "contact point". They will help or quickly find help.

Here are some of the specific inquiries for VeriQuest Private Capital:
  • Founders, Owners and/or Strategic Managers considering a capital or liquidity event (selling, diversifying, acquiring or in need of capital).
  • Sell-Side Intermediaries representing potential transactions.
  • Buy-Side Intermediaries: We pay market fees to buy-side advisors who originate transactions on our behalf.
  • Strategic Managers interested in buying their company and willing to have a value-added capital partner.
  • Investors interested in working with VeriQuest Private Capital.
  • We welcome referrals from accountants, lawyers and other professionals.

Please direct inquiries to: